Identify and analyze optimal solar sites

There’s a rush to find the best project sites for solar

Using our innovative technology, we work with clients around the world to analyze thousands of potential project sites in a given region. In a competitive solar market, you want to have the very best tools available.

What if there was one tool that gave you all the relevant information to conduct early site screening and seamlessly collaborate between colleagues?

Now there is. You’re welcome.

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Our Products

Regional scan

Using a combination of satellite data, machine learning and databases, we scan large regions to identify thousands of viable water bodies.

The interactive SaaS tool allows you to easily filter sites based on numerous layers such as lake area, specific yield, distance to grid and installed capacity potential. Then conduct site analysis by estimating the energy yield with a yield model design for floating PV, taking wind, water and air temperature into account. The tool also features the world's first automatic wave model for lakes in addition to capex and LCOE estimates.

Site prospecting is a team job, so we have designed the tool for seamless collaboration allowing you to rate, comment and share sites with colleagues.

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Nearshore scan

Identify the most attractive nearshore floating solar sites. Filter on parameters such as average Hs, max Hs, 50-year Hs, max wind speed, 50-year wind speed and tropical storm frequency.

Conduct more in-depth site analysis and assess wind and wave loads, depths, currents and more.

For specific points SEEmarine gives you wind and wave rose, water and air temperature, wave periods, current speed and water depth.

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Site analysis

By drawing upon up to 40 years of satellite data, we provide remote feasibility analysis to help you gain early insight and de-risk greenfield projects.

Among the parameters we analyze are irradiation, wind, waves, temperature, water level fluctuations, water presence, far shading, precipitation, high-level bathymetry and more.

Worth noting, our energy analysis is especially made for floating solar, taking the water cooling effect into account for a more accurate yield estimate.

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