Interview: Bringing unmatched design expertise - Meet Lars, our Head of Design



March 25, 2022

With years of design expertise, Lars joins us from Fiken AS.

1. How did you first hear about Glint and what drew you to join the team?

It was a news article about Glint Solar that a former colleague of mine clicked "Like" on, so it popped up in my feed on LinkedIn. I Immediately thought they had a great business idea. After having met them a few times my admiration for the idea and the product only grew, and more importantly, I discovered they were terrific human beings as well. As our talks progressed, I found we saw eye to eye on most aspects of building both a successful product and a workplace where humans can thrive. In sum – I really wanted to be a part of Glint Solar!

2. You were previously Head of Design at Fiken AS. What were you looking for in your next role?

Three things. A clever idea being turned into a smart and viable product, meaningful work that can help move us all- and the future of our planet- in the right direction, and again, most importantly, caring and decent human beings who care as much for their co-workers as the product they’re building.

3. How would you describe Glint’s company culture?

Inclusive, caring, inquisitive, dedicated, driven, and with a positive outlook on things. This all adds up to a workplace where everyone works towards the same goal, takes pride in building the best possible product for right now while also keeping a long term vision in mind, and focuses on a joyful and interesting everyday work day.

4. What facet of your role as Head of Design at Glint excites you the most?

Undoubtedly being able to help shape a software product that can have meaningful and positive impact on one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing. Not in a “We’re gonna save the world” kind-of-way, but in a “Here’s our chance to make a meaningful contribution” kind-of-way. There are several small product related wins (which ought to be shared and celebrated in my opinion) along the way that makes the work both rewarding and interesting, but it is the opportunity to really make an impact that is the biggest drive for me.

5. Any highlights from your time at Glint so far?

Finding fellow music lovers and disc golfers, being able to advocate for more cake and coffee in all facets of life, and talking to customers who are able to do their work better and faster thanks to our product. Our recent excursion to a floating solar installation in Amsterdam was also a real highlight!

Thanks Lars! We're thrilled to have you on the Glint team! To learn about new opportunities at Glint, be sure to visit our Careers page.

Alexis Clemons