We believe data will be the key driver for the energy transition

Who we are — meet the Glint Team

The climate crisis is a behemoth of a challenge and the outlook often seems bleak. However, we believe there are many reasons to be hopeful as we see gradual shifts in tectonic forces such as global policy, capital markets and new technology. But we can’t sit idle.

Glint was founded in 2020 with the mission of accelerating the adoption of floating solar energy across the globe. We have seen floating solar go from a niche market to becoming the third pillar in solar energy along with utility scale and rooftop solar.

With such advantages as no land use, potential for lower algae growth and lower water evaporation, and a higher yield from the water cooling, floating solar is one of the fastest growing energy sectors globally and part of the solution to decarbonizing the world.

Today, we are focused on providing valuable insight for all early-stage greenfield development. Glint will help de-risk your upcoming solar project and simplify the analysis process.

To help de-risk new projects and accelerate the number of projects built, we saw the need to deploy innovative technology to optimize and simplify the existing solar site analysis process by providing a new way to gain fast, reliable insights.

By using a combination of satellite data and machine learning we offer a unique way to identify and analyze project sites for solar developers, solution providers, technical advisors and others around the world.

Together, we are accelerating the solar revolution.

Our Team

Our shared values and beliefs fuel our mission of accelerating the solar revolution. Our team combines the best of solar expertise, machine learning, data analysis, and business acumen.

We have experience working on solar projects across four continents. We’re extremely proud to have a global team, you’ll find us collaborating from locations such as Oslo, Boston and Pune.

Even Kvelland

COO & Co-founder

John Modin

CTO & Co-founder

Harald Olderheim

CEO & Co-founder

Lars Bæk

Head of Design

Frithjof Nerdrum

Software Engineer

Pal Szabo

Data Engineer

Alexis Clemons


Are Steen

Business Development

Åsmund Stein

Business Development

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Our values form the foundation of our company

Customers first

Understanding the customers’ needs is paramount to our existence.

Best idea wins

The idea matters, not who had it.

No risk, no glory

We encourage trying new things, even if it fails.

Our time is valuable

We are not at work to be busy, we are here to get things done.

Meaningful work with a smile

We create an environment where we have fun and together make an impact.

Straightforward and open

Simple, honest and open communication between all.

Disagree and commit

We can disagree fiercely, but when the decision is made, commit and execute.

We care for each other

Our people are our most valuable assets and we help each other to shine.

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